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RNC reports nearly $9 million cash haul last month

RNC reports nearly $9 million cash haul last month

 The Republican National Committee says they've raised what they call an off-election year record of money last month.

Washington (CNN) – With less than a year to go until crucial mid-term contests, the Republican National Committee says they’ve raised what they call an off-election year record of money last month.

The RNC reports Thursday morning that they raked in $8.79 million in October, with $11.2 million cash on hand and no debt. The RNC says it has now topped one million active donors and that as of November 11, it has registered a record 305,000 new contributors this year.

The $8.79 million is up slightly from the $8.74 million the RNC says they raised in September. The $11.2 million in the bank is down nearly $8 million from the start of October, which reflects the large amounts of money the RNC spent last month to help Republican candidates in this November’s contests. Republican gubernatorial candidates in New Jersey and Virginia both won, grabbing back two seats held by Democrats.

“I am extremely pleased that the Republican National Committee continues to show solid fundraising numbers, and we are grateful to the countless Americans who have contributed to our Party. The elections in Virginia and New Jersey clearly showed the American people oppose bigger government, reckless federal spending, and higher taxes, and this enthusiasm for common-sense Republican principles is strongly resonating with our generous and motivated donors,” said RNC Chairman Michael Steele in a statement.

“Thanks to our many contributors, the RNC is on solid financial footing as we continue build an organization to support our candidates and state parties in the election of 2010 and beyond.”

The RNC’s counterpart, the Democratic National Committee, has not yet released its October numbers. The DNC reported that they raised just over $8 million in September.


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