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Jay-z To Beyonce “I Want A Divorce”

Jay-z To Beyonce “I Want A Divorce”

Ok So maybe thats not what he said… But thats definitely what Sasha Fierce said to Beyoncé in this “Video Phone Remix” video (I hate writing that)… Now before I go all the way in I’ll give all you Beyoncé fans stans a disclaimer:

Disclaimer: I’m about to go in

There, so if you dont like it, then leave now..

For those staying, watch the video (so you know what I’m talking about) and……..

Lets continue…

Ok, for those of you who are still here, I pose these question to you…WTF is wrong with Beyoncé Sasha Fierce?? Why does this song have a video?? When did Beyoncé become a strippers role model as opposed to the children she claims to love?

I am a straight adult male so of course I liked the video (minus Lady Gaga’s dead looking face) and I enjoyed the dancing and such of scantily clad adult women. But the key word is ADULT! Beyonce has become the latest brand (besides Disney) to cross over and market sex to children for financial gain. money is great but where are your morals?

Because most of you are not up to speed I’m not even going to get into all the “illuminati rituals” they just went through in that video. Lets focus on an easier topic: The children

What responsibility does Beyoncé have to her core fan base which are little girls ages 10 – 16? (Whether she wants to believe it or not)

Forget about the parents responsibility. You can attack them until the cows come home but the simple fact is that the artist does have a personal responsibility for their content when they are marketed as role models. Yes the parents should monitor what their children watch and listen to but how much can you monitor when it is everywhere in society? This song is not a radio single. This is an album cut for the adults who purchased the album. This video is going to be, (if it isnt already), on 106 & park, and whatever else nonsense video shows come on BET and the like. Who is gonna monitor the children then?? Who’s gonna censor BET (Not Deborah Lee-vil)

N*ggas (not to be confused with black people) already have this preconceived notion that everything on BET is suitable for every one of an African-American origin from toddler to senior citizen which is inherently false. This is another addition to the problem.

I volunteer with elementary school kids about 2 – 3 times a week. The day after the video was released online, (I hadn’t watched it yet) I heard 2 of the little 5th grade girls singing the song (which I also never really listened to, I’m more of a “How Beyoncé looks” fan than a fan of her music) and dancing to it. I stopped them from gyrating as they were but I paid it no mind. These children have already been ruined by BET this sort of thing so I honestly thought nothing of it. Once I saw the video I was livid. I have never seen such a blatant attempt to attack the minds of children in my life. The video is like one big brainwashing ceremony from the flickering faces to the easily mimicked stripper dance moves.

So my question is now, who is responsible? Who is gonna take the blame for the rise in teen pregnancy? Who is gonna take the blame for the increase in STDs? Who is gonna stand up and tell the status quo that this rhetoric is no longer acceptable… That while sex does sell, it should not, and WILL not be sold to children?

*Flips on Tv*

*Sees the video clip on the evening news*

*Throws keyboard out of the window*

Bonus: My Point get illustrated @ 1:45


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  1. November 20th, 2009 15:52

    It is time to stop accepting thing like this from beyonce and other artist alike.. We must start a new movement… check my video site out!!!!


  2. November 18th, 2009 0:02

    I just can’t shake the thought that they are really doing this on purpose…

    *blank stare*


  3. syl mac
    November 17th, 2009 22:36

    This video is straight up stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It dont make any sense! This video should of been a single video! Lady gaga omg!!! eewwwww!!! but i get down wit her! Beyonce and that damn pumpin of her breast is gettin on my damn nerves now!!! I love this song but the video is dumb!!!


  4. Jess
    November 17th, 2009 21:16

    I don’t think it was cool to put those stupid play toys in the video…I does draw attention to little kids with all the bright fun colors, but take away those kiddy props and you have the same pointless cheap a$$ videos Beyonce has been putting on since her Sasha Fierce debut. I did like Single Ladies, but all her videos after that have been pretty much the dialog and her and two back up ppl with body suits on dancing around in black and white…..*yawn*… I mean the song is a little risky but it is definitely for adults. It shouldn’t be played on 106 & Park which is a show that mostly young children watch after school! It needs to be edited and the bootie poppin scenes need to be cut! I love beyonce as an artist and a performer but even I have to look beyond that and say the video is not cool and I wouldnt allow my young sister or cousins watch that mess!


  5. StarBoxx
    November 17th, 2009 21:11

    a comment I found on CONCRETELOOP.COM
    Tuesday, November 17, 2009 /

    Lady Gaga looked like a crackhead. Beyonce had the spotlight, it was all about her and Gaga was an afterthought. I even forgot she was in the video. Beyonce was doing a lot, and was extremely raunchy. I feel like the video played mind games on me.


  6. StarBoxx
    November 17th, 2009 20:54

    Clap it up. You did go in, but someone has to.
    It’s time to stop accepting this ish.
    The video, could it look anymore child friendly minus the dance moves and wardrobes. Bright fluorescent colors men dressed as cameras, toy guns and such. While watching I’m like, did Nickelodeon and Playboy channel get scrambled together?
    Also, what was up with the make up?
    I dunno about anyone else but I was scared. The dark deep make up making Beyonce look like a witch and Lady Gaga looking half dead.
    Was that supposed to be sexy, or desperate, or is this what the message is: The more sex the more attention? Because you know we all want to be exploited on someone’s video phone at sometime in our lives, right? No?
    Oh that’s what I thought you were accepting tho… These messages and images ruining one feeble mind at a time.


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