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Will Smith To Remake “Flowers For Algernon”

Will Smith To Remake “Flowers For Algernon”



According to several reports, The Fresh Prince is poised to star in the revamped version of Daniel Keyes’ novel, Flowers For Algernon. The story is about a mentally challenged man named Charlie, that undergoes a procedure to become a genius. Algernon is the name of the lab mouse which the experiment was tested on. Algernon, Algernod? Yo Plies, where you at?! ctfu


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  1. Skittles
    November 12th, 2009 9:07

    I remember the first one. It was a great story line. I do agree that the novel was a classic. I remember finding the book in a basement and reading it and crying. lol Then years later having to read it in school. I think he will do great in this movie.


  2. jocelyn
    November 11th, 2009 20:20

    If this is true it’ll be a great film. The novel itself is a classic, hopefully “Hollywood” wont edit it too much, or at all.


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