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Clearchannel Hosts Thwarted During Maj. Hasan/ 9/11 Propaganda Session

Clearchannel Hosts Thwarted During Maj. Hasan/ 9/11 Propaganda Session



Clearchannel hosts John and Ken, who host a daily show on top-rated KFI 640 Los Angeles, were discussing the case of  Maj. Nidal Hasan, Army psychiatrist who reportedly murdered 13 people in a rampage at Fort Hood TX on November 5th.

The two afternoon-drive radio hosts, who shilled for Mitt Romney for president and hosted rallies for Arnold Schwarzenegger when he ran for governor, spent hours on their Nov. 10th afternoon show connecting Hassan’s actions to those of the Sept. 11 hijackers, just as their government masters have been doing for a week.

A google search of the term ‘Nidal Hasan September 11’ returns nearly 24 million results,  along with
5,719 new stories containing the terms.

John and Ken spent a good part of their show discussing Hasan’s 2007 power point presentation, and whether or not the government should have kicked him out of the military because of his views. This despite the fact that the Army generally refuses to let even those who beg for conscientious objector status out without a fight.

They then asked for listener input, and one of the first callers says  “John and Ken, unless you want to give government authority to ban the koran altogether, then how could you stop people from promoting what’s in it?”

Kobylt immediately respond with a declaration of non-rights, stating , “No one has freedom of speech in their workplace, you know that; especially in the military”.

The caller, prefacing their response with comments about “terrorism”  in order to get the hosts guard down and not be cut off by the time delay, continues “well you know, let’s not be naive about terrorism also guys, you know a lot of Bush and Reagan appointees say that 911 was an inside job, that the government demolished those towers”.

Met with stunned awkward silence, Kobylt then resorts to the standard ad hominem attacks,  “Well that’s stupid”.

Chiampou chimes in, remarking “well that one got by”, seemingly insinuating that the station gets regular calls on the topic of government sponsored terrorism.

Kobylt then sarcastically ads “thanks”, possibly to their screener who was not strict enough in her screening, or to the engineer who did not cut the comments off before they were aired to millions of listeners. In their summary of the station,  Wikipedia reports “In the Spring 2006 quarter Arbitron rating, KFI was the most listened to radio station in Los Angeles, averaging approximately 1.5 million listeners during any given weekday.”

Unable to engage the caller or address the issue at hand, Kobylt concludes his angry tirade with “uh, Martin, you win stupidest listener of the day award” and quickly moves on to the next caller.

It is important for those of us who know the truth to combat the 9/11/01 propaganda, especially since  the government and coprorate media attempting to link every disaster to the horrific memory of 9/11/01.
Mark Dice of has refined a science out of how to have anti new world order comments aired on local and national tv and radio shows, and links to the clips on his website. The KFI clip can be heard here, and the entire clip from the original broadcast can be heard here by clicking Listen to ‘Blame Game 3pm hour 11/10/09’



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