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David Banner Releasing Fitness App For iPhone

David Banner Releasing Fitness App For iPhone


Rapper and actor David Banner has partnered with interactive fitness company PumpOne to create an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that will allow fans to benefit from what Banner learned during his personal weight-loss and fitness journey.


David Banner’s Work Out or Die” offers subscribers videos of the various workout strategies that Banner has found effective and a host of tools to support their decision to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The application also allows Banner to record streaming-video content as often as he wants, which is then delivered to those who have purchased the app at no additional cost.


“People are really interested in how I lost weight,” Banner told “One of my friends that works at Apple said, ‘You need to take it to your people and stop talking about it. You’re helping people’s lives. That’s a way for you to continue that movement.’ And I decided to do it.”


PumpOne, which launched it’s first iPhone/iTouch application in 2008, creates both interactive programs and traditional resources like books, corporate fitness programs, personal trainer memberships and physical therapy.



David Banner’s picture in his new App

The company has also partnered with Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and Shape to create applications that eliminate the need to clip fitness advice from the pages of those magazines.

In 2008, after having ballooned to more than 255 lbs, David Banner dropped an impressive 58 lbs in just three months.


His decision to lose the weight was motivated by a need to improve his health condition.

Prior to dropping the extra pounds, the rapper suffered from high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and was dangerously close to falling prey to diabetes as well.

David Banner working out

So great were his health concerns that an emergency room doctor who treated Banner after a motorcycle accident was more interested in treating and resolving his high blood pressure issues, than treating the injuries from the crash.

After speaking to about his health, Banner said the staggering number of young Black and Latino fans who approached him about sharing those issues prompted him to share what he had learned about maintaining a healthy eating and exercise regimen.

Banner’s weight-loss also helped him and his physician discover that his high blood pressure was in fact a genetic issue, thus allowing them to develop a plan to keep him healthy.

“David Banner’s Work Out or Die” will be available in early 2010.

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  1. latisia everitt
    November 16th, 2009 9:49

    i admire you for you strength and if i must say you do look good…i myself need to loose about 50 lbs..not only for myself but for my health..i guess im just not motivated…but i do have one question for you sir..what about the people that does not have an iphone or ipod touch, we too would like to see your workouts also…


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