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LL Cool J's 'NCIS: LA' Goes Into Syndication After 7 Weeks

LL Cool J's 'NCIS: LA' Goes Into Syndication After 7 Weeks

iSpit says:“I tried to warn you LL….now look what you’ve done to your career…smh….F*ck outta here”


The new CBS drama NCIS: Los Angeles starring rapper LL Cool J has been sold into syndication just seven weeks of being on the air.

According to reports, NCIS: Los Angeles, which stars LL and Chris O’Donnell, has been licensed to the USA Network, which also airs off-network runs of the original series, NCIS.

USA reportedly paid over $2 million per-episode to air the hit new series staring weekly in 2011, until Fall 2013.

Just last month, CBS announced full season orders for NCIS: Los Angeles, which airs every Tuesday night on the network.

NCIS: Los Angeles is the most-viewed new show of the Fall season, averaging over 17.5 million viewers each week.

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