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DMX Comes To His Senses (Pulls Out Of Boxing Match)(F*ck Outta Here)

“You and LL….smh…Neither one of yall wanted to listen before…Now you wanna listen…Didnt wanna get your @ss kicked huh X? I still got love for you though homie…Shout out to X for screwing his brain back in just in time…”

DMX’s career as a boxer has ended before it even began, as the rapper has pulled out of an upcoming boxing match, sources have told

DMX was scheduled to square off against New Mexico based fighter Eric Martinez on December 12 in Alabama, during an event sponsored by Thunder Promotions.

One source said DMX pulled out of the fight because his safety could not be guaranteed, while another claimed that the rapper backed out because Thunder Promotions refused his request to “fix” the fight.

Sources stated that Thunder Promotions may pursue legal action against DMX.

In the meantime, a variety of popular rappers have been contacted to stand up to Eric Martinez during the fight.

A replacement for DMX will be announced as early as next week.

In late October, DMX called into Washington’s 106.7 to talk about the bout.

He stated that he had no plans to train for the fight and appeared to take the challenge against Martinez lightly.

“I’m a just walk in as is. It wouldn’t be fair if I trained,” DMX said and later said: “I aint trying to have my face all messed up.”

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