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The Reason Why Mos Def Is Wack…


… is because ever since he dropped the classic “Black On Both Sides” album way back when, dude has refused to deliver a full album containing the spittage he’s capable of easily hock tooing like how he does on this clip aired last week on BET’s Hip Hop Awards show. A cypher featuring rap masters Mos, Black Thought and Eminem, backed on the wheels by legend and long time good homie of mines, DJ Premier, this clip demonstrates what constitutes the almost lost art of emceeing. All three come off with unparalleled perfection, and I can see where cats might wanna give it to the white boy, or mebbe the Black one from Philly. But I’m really a fan of Mos, and I will always remain partial to Brooklyn, so being that its Election Day, you already know who I’m voting for.

It’s not that I’m against an artist exploring growth, evolution, forward motion. Rakim said it himself, “constant elevation causes expansion”, yes I’m with that. 2000%. But with all this rap basura flooding everything today, it’s effin frustrating when one of my biggest rap heroes continues to consistently let me down with experimental albums. I see how alot of ya’ll is claiming this year’s “The Ecstatic” as one of ’09’s top 10 albums. Meh. Too much sanging, not enough fires from the cat I’ve been patiently waiting to gracefully rape the microphone. I’m perverted like that, I can get into mic rapage all effin day. So ya’ll can respectfully keep that Ecstatic thingie to your god damn selves.



Mos Def remains one of my favorite ever. But I’m still waiting for that scruntch face worthy album drenched with yellow phlegm. I’m taking it real personal, especially since I feel he owes a nigga me at least one more classic album. Not too much to ask for from someone who has more than enough talent to share.

It’s my fault. I can’t help that I’m old school like that. Regardless. I’m. still.waiting. It’s the principalities Smokey!

No shots just in case.

Props :Daily Math


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