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An Hour of Code For Every Student [Video] (Show This To Every Child You Know)

An Hour of Code For Every Student [Video] (Show This To Every Child You Know)

“Basic global literacy has expanded from simply being able to read, write and perform math to now having the ability to read and write computer code.”
Why computer science?


Computer science provides a foundation for virtually any career – everybody can benefit from learning the basics. Visit for inspiration.


What’s an Hour of Code?


It’s a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify “code” and show that anyone can learn the basics to be a maker, a creator, an innovator.


We’ll provide a variety of self-guided tutorials that anybody can do, on a browser, tablet, or smartphone. We’ll even have unplugged tutorials for classrooms without computers. No experience needed.


How can I host the Hour of Code at my school, company, or organization? 

At your school: If you are a parent or student, ask the principal or a tech-savvy teacher for their support to allow you to host the Hour of Code. We can show you how to organize events and connect to the Hour of Code tutorials. See our school participation guide for more information.

If you are a teacher, we have resources to support your leading an Hour of Code. Our tools are simple, painless, and easy to use. Don’t have enough computers in your school? Don’t worry, we have offline or phone-based options. See our school participation guide for more information.

At your company: Sign up your co-workers for an hour of code. See our employer participation guide for more information.

At your club or nonprofit: We have event ideas to share that will help you get your members excited and activated to host an Hour of Code in your community. See our community participation guide for more information.

At home: Organize a family hour of code and let your kids teach you. You can use PCs, tablets, smart phones, or one of our Hour of Code unplugged activities (example). Everything is available online, to make it easy for busy parents to participate.
What day do I need to do my Hour of Code? 
You can do your Hour of Code on any day during CSEdWeek (December 9-15, 2013).
What if I live outside of the US?
You are welcome to participate in the Hour of Code.
Click Here to Learn More About An Hour of Code
Click Here to see video on Coding


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