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Smokey Robotic – Bazooka (Video)

Smokey Robotic – Bazooka (Video)

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Bazooka is a bizarre story about two brothers, a madman artist and a Hollywood pop demon. Bent on rescuing his brother from the blindness of material success the artist sets off on a mission equipped with avocado grenades and a banana bazooka.

Written by Zach “Seer” Field, co-written by Mitch Conwell
Directed by T.S. Pfeffer of Pier Pictures, co-directed by Zachary “Seer” Field

Starring Mitch “Father Dude” Conwell
Co-starring Zach “Seer” Field
Avocado nurse: Claudia Ramirez
Hot sauce nurse: Nina Ginsberg
Styled by Molly O’Donnell


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