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Guest Blog:Perfectly Imperfect By SweetestPeach

Guest Blog:Perfectly Imperfect By SweetestPeach
0 comments, 20/04/2011, by , in Guest Blog

Most of the time when you ask someone what being in love is more than not they will verbally paint a picture that appears to be “perfect.” A lot think it’s always “peaches & cream’’ or “flawless” but the thing that is overlooked is that no one is perfect. Love doesn’t have flaws, we have flaws. We’re humans with flaws so how is it that so many people think being in love is perfect? I feel being in love is every emotion you could imagine yet intensified. You become so emotionally open so your significant other sees all of you yet you spend time trying to prove all you want is them. . .catch 22 🙂

There is no perfection in love only flaws embraced without care, for who would we be if perfection existed? It’s a fantasy, there will be pain & tears, smiles & happiness – we are imperfect. Instead of trying to obtain a love that doesn’t exist, keep the idea of perfect love alive by loving in a perfectly imperfect manner. This means do all the things that are in those love stories just know one isn’t guaranteed a happy ending (no pun intended ). As an example, love your other half for who they are, embrace it and do all you can to reach that “happy ending” & maybe that’s dying next to your husband/wife after years of love, tears, happiness, wild moments & all the other natural things life brings. Perfectly imperfect.

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