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A Brief Introduction To Modern Shaolin Vernacular

A Brief Introduction To Modern Shaolin Vernacular
thread count (t̸hred ko̵unt) adjective A standard unit used to measure authenticity, usually in reference to street credibility.

“Yalls aint cut from the same cloth as niggas. Niggas is cut from divine fabrics namsayin. Yalls is cut from Burundi flannel n shit. Yalls niggas need to step yalls thread counts up if you gon step in a nigga square like that. You dealin wit a 900 thread count nigga.” Big Ghostface

coonin coupon (ko͞on ko͞oˈpŏn) noun A symbolic certificate or ticket entitling the holder to display ignorance in a public forum without the consequence of reprecussions.
“Niggas is coonin the fuck out like coonin gon get played out tomorrow n shit. Niggas is worried that they coonin coupons is gon expire before they can cash that shit in namsayin. Niggas is takin ignorance to the next levels n shit. These niggas is like the X-Men of ignorant niggas.” — Big Ghostface
snacks (snaks) noun An inquiry birthed from an intense thirst for knowledge.
“Ayo I’m sayin tho, niggas was tryin to get they littlle questions in but the nigga wasn’t lettin niggas get they little words in, niggas ain’t have they little snacks.” — Raekwon



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