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Talib Kweli Speaks On Illuminati…Again

If its not true, why acknowledge it? You’re making this a little too obvious now Talib

The other day I saw Eskay go in on a post they did over at NahRight of this video and while I respect him as a veteran, I feel that years of blogging and his various other ventures has made the money more important than the essence of what this is really supposed to be about and that is bringing unfiltered truth to the people in the interest of hip-hop culture, not hollywood bullsh*t.

Writing these things off as conspiracy is an easy cop out. A conspiracy can ONLY be a theory due to the  absence of proof which is not true in this case. The proof is right before your eyes but, because of the parties involved, still has been refused by the masses largely due to counter brainwashing like this. There are still people that think 9/11 was pulled of by some old n*gga from 52nd st in a cave with no help from the government whatsoever in the country with the most advanced military in the world and that they let a regular n*gga from Chicago become President to save the American negro. People will believe anything they dont have to research thoroughly. When a little reading is required, the masses flee because education is corny. Just the other day I heard an interview with Gucci Mane where he attempts to justify why he hid the fact that he was an honor student. Plies did the same thing. Why? Because that conflicts with the images that they portray.

Telling me that there is no agenda behind the music to distract &  ruin the minds of adults and corrupt the minds of children just because you know the people involved doesnt make me think it isnt true, that just makes me think you’re involved more deeply than we know. I’m not saying that these people are actually in the illuminati. That would be silly. What I am saying is that they are used as pawns for an agenda that these artists either dont comprehend, are brainwashed not to see, or dont care because of the fiat currency they are given in exchange for the part they will play in the plan. Either way, it  DOES exist and it is NOT a conspiracy.

Dont believe me? Look it up…


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  1. Shyaine
    October 11th, 2010 13:40

    Kudos Spit…



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