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The Daily Show Gets The ‘Roland Martin’ Touch

It was an all-ascot evening last night on “The Daily Show.”

After repeatedly calling out Roland Martin for having the audacity to don an ascot during a news segment, “The Daily Show” host has joined Martin’s ascot call to arms. Too bad Stewart was wearing it wrong for the first part of the show.

“Touche, Roland Martin,” the host said. “Turns out, it’s not so easy.” But he didn’t give up – Stewart continued to wear his golden ascot throughout the entire program, and at one point was joined by Senior British Person John Oliver….also wearing an ascot.


Oliver isn’t trying to become more American – in fact, he doesn’t even know who Roland Martin is. As he explained to Stewart, “I’m wearing this because chilly neck breezes are the leading killer of British people.”

Sadly, Stewart isn’t keeping the look for long. “Roland, I’m going back to ties, and do you know why Roland Martin? I’m not cool enough for this,” he said. “It is clear to me that only a cool man can pull this off and I am a loser.”



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