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Guru Tribute on Toca Tuesdays w/Tony Touch

Guru Tribute on Toca Tuesdays w/Tony Touch


Tony Touch dedicated the last three hours of last night’s Toca Tuesdays to Guru, and had a bunch of special guests call up:

Part 1: Scarface called in to discuss making “Betrayal” with Guru for Gang Starr’s Moment of Truth album via DJ Premier.

Part 2: Owen Lamb, who was Gang Starr’s lawyer in the 90’s as well as the voice on the beginning of JFK 2 LAX, talks about introducing Tony Touch to Guru, which then led to Tony DJ’ing for him.

Part 3: Greg Nice calls in to speak about how he came up with Guru in the 80’s and how Guru was a social worker back in the day.

Part 4: Tony takes calls from the fans and Owen addresses the Solar situation, pleads with fans to respect all of Guru’s musical legacy.

Part 5: Doo Wop calls in to give his perspective as Guru’s DJ on his final tour.

Part 6: Bun B calls in to talk about how important Guru was for his career. He also discusses the time he met Guru, and how important that moment was to him.

Part 7: Fans call up and spit something in memory of Guru.

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