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These Are Your Role Models??: Gunplay Snorts An 8Ball

During the filming of Rick Ross’ “All I Want Is You” video in Colombia last year, Triple C member Gunplay snorts an 8ball with the policia nearby. In the words of Mr. Rick James…

There are a few issues here. Not just the fact that the police, besides Rick Ross (or William Roberts), are present & everyone acts as if this is a normal everyday thing to do. That is minimal compared to the elephant in this room. The real issue here, which is untouched in the video, is the fact that this is common of these people that are looked at as role models. They never pay consequences for these sort of actions. The exectuvies at these labels reap benefits in the sum of millions of dollars while these “artists” proceed in the destruction of the culture they claim to love & be apart of. What about the children who  (this is purely hypothetical because I would hope that no one would be looking up to Gunplay) look up to this guy & will think ‘doing cocaine is cool because rappers do it’.  Gunplay (or Richard Morales) was caught doing this^ & I’m almost 1000% sure that nothing will come from this. As it was when Rick Ross was outed as a Correctional Officer or when Plies (the goon) was outed as a high school nerd…and so on and so on.

 Gunplay has been outed as a coke head. Does anybody care? No. Why? Not just because he doesnt matter (read as: his career was going nowhere anyway), but because they are taught and conditioned not to care. “Celebrity” is just a word & “celebrities” are just people with a job that, through media salience, puts them at the forefront of your psyche. It doesnt make them more important than you or more special. It just makes them more visible. Visibility is not invincibility. Hold these people responsible & accountable for these actions & only follow yourself. The higher the pedastool, the longer the decline.

*steps off soapbox*


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