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Directors Coodie & Chike Say “Exhibit C” Music Video Is Coming (Video)

Directors Coodie & Chike Say “Exhibit C” Music Video Is Coming (Video)

Coodie & Chike (founders of Creative Control; Kanye West’s “Through The Wire,” “Jesus Walks”; Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat”) tell MTV that they are in pre-production for Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C” video.

The article makes sure to point out that, we’ve only seen 40 seconds of “Exhibit A” to date…

“Without giving it away, it’s definitely something that’s going to be very interesting, and it’s going to take a lot of artists,” Chike said. “Not just rappers, but a lot of artists as far as putting this together. Cats that are true with their craft. It’s going to be dope.”

“But Jay is quite the magician, so he’s visible one minute and disappears the next.” Chike chimed in.



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