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SMH: Nicki Minaj – Massive Attack (Video)

This is some bullsh*t. If you like this then you need to be either here or here & not HERE.  First, why does Birdman give her money to go into the desert? Wtf is that about? Where did Amber Rose come from? Barbie Drones? C’mon Son (c) Ed Lover… I remember “The Come Up” Onika. Humble & spitting fire. The barbie version just doesnt do it for me. Its like listening to white noise with earplugs in, I dont hear anything at all.

Onika, no hard feelings. You know how I am, but I cant let my personal feelings affect how accurately I report this bullsh*t you keep coming out with. If you need me, all you gotta do is call/email/text. I am not a rapper, but I will be a career saviour and ghostwrite you some actual lyrics & not just a bunch of words on beats by the Goomba from Super Mario brothers  Sean Garrett…smh

Best 2 parts: 1. Directed by Hype Williams

& 2. as Dre said “3:07 – 3:11>>>>>>>>>>>>>”



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