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Civilized Talk w/ Fabolous (The Buried Edition)

Civilized Talk w/ Fabolous (The Buried Edition)

Today, I went to a funeral service. A joyous and upbeat one at that. After weeks of push backs, 11th hour recordings and a few back and forth squabbles with DJ Drama on Twitter, their highly anticipated mixtape, There Is No Competition 2, was finally released. So here’s how the story goes…

I met up with Loso at the Ace Hotel in New York for the “funeral gathering.” You could tell he was really embodying the funeral aspect. While speaking with me, Fab was preparing his outfit for the occasion: an all black tailored Fendi suit. We chopped it about his own favorite eulogies (records) from the tape and which fads in Hip-Hop he’d like to see with a toe tag on them. At the same time, he also spoke on whose career he would like to see resurrected. He even goes on to say who he believes he bodied with this new tape. – KC



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