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Toyota recall of 2.3 million cars prompts sales suspension

Toyota recall of 2.3 million cars prompts sales suspension

Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. said Tuesday it is asking dealers to temporarily suspend sales of eight models.

The company’s sales suspension is part of a recall announced last week to correct a problem that could cause the accelerator pedal to stick.

“Helping ensure the safety of our customers and restoring confidence in Toyota are very important to our company,” said Toyota USA group vice president Bob Carter. “This action is necessary until a remedy is finalized.”

About 2.3 million vehicles will be affected by the recall, Toyota (TM) said Tuesday in a statement. That’s more autos than Toyota sold in all of 2009, when it sold 1.8 million vehicles.

The automaker also said that it will halt the production of vehicles in certain production facilities in Canada, Indiana, Kentucky and Texas during the week of Feb. 1 to “assess and coordinate activities.” The vehilcles currently being built will not be sold until they are fixed, a Toyota spokesman said.

“Suspending sales and production is certainly good to reassure the public that they are serious about doing something, but too many jobs and lost sales are involved for this to be a PR stunt,” Director of Vehicle Testing Dan Edmunds said in statement. “They must really be concerned about this being something other than a rare condition. Hopefully this means the fix is very close to being ready, because suspension of production and sales is not tolerable for very long.”

The recall affects Toyota’s 2009-2010 RAV4, Corolla, Matrix, 2005-2010 Avalon, certain 2007-2010 Camry, 2010 Highlander, 2007-2010 Tundra and the 2008-2010 Sequoia.

General Motors’ Pontiac Vibe, which is essentially the same car as the Toyota Matrix, was also included in the recall. GM is not participating in the order to stop selling the cars because it has already stopped production of Pontiac vehicles as part of its wind-down of the Pontiac brand, a GM spokesman said.

This new recall is to correct a situation in which the gas pedal could stick without the presence of a floor mat.

The situation is rare, according to Toyota, but can occur when accelerator pedal mechanisms become worn. The problem will usually develop gradually, Toyota spokesman Brian Lyons said. The pedal may become harder to press and may become slower to return when released. In the worst cases, it may become stuck in a partially depressed position.

A Toyota spokesman said there are no confirmed deaths traceable to the defect.

The new recall, involving sticking accelerator pedals, is separate from an ongoing recall of 4.2 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles due to the risk of pedal entrapment because of a loose floormat.

About 1.7 million Toyota Division vehicles have been affected by both recalls.

Toyota owners with questions should call Toyota’s customer service line at 800-331-4331.




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  1. February 19th, 2010 5:41

    These Toyota recalls are doing so much damage to their premium brand. more than 2 million motorcars in the United States to sort out sticking accelerator pedals. over 4 million cars in the US to rectify pedals getting lodged below floor mats. nearly 700,000 cars in China imperfect electrical window switches. Toyota boss on TV to apologise for recall and still the press flag more concerns as the company gets more nervous. I wonder how much brand value this has cost them.


  2. February 12th, 2010 18:18

    This blog is looking really good, the information is solid. I get discouraged at times until I come across one like this! 🙂


  3. February 12th, 2010 18:16

    This blog look’s awesome and the information is dead on! I am sure glad I came across yours because I was just about to give up on mine!


  4. February 8th, 2010 12:13

    Good post. Interesting read. I honestly think that Toyota are gonna struggle to win the customer over. The whole point of a Toyota was it was Mr Reliable. Not any more!


  5. February 3rd, 2010 15:47

    I recently found out Toyota is in the process of recalling most vehicles because of braking malfunctions . My uncle owns one, should the car be driven before it’s repaired?



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