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Furious Styles & DJ Dub Present: Jay Electronica – Victory (Mixtape)

Furious Styles & DJ Dub Present: Jay Electronica – Victory (Mixtape)


Some of that he-could-pass-a-polygraph for the weekend.

Says Dub & Furious Styles:

“In the current state of music, an artist like Jay (Electronica) deserves the attention of anyone who even THINKS they like Hip-Hop. We’re not saying that he’s the savior but he’s been working on the humble for years and Exhibit C opened him up to the world. World, meet Jay Electronica…support his victory for Hip-Hop.” – DJ DUB

“I truly believe that everyman has a story and Jay Electronica’s story is definitely the current soundtrack to Hip-Hop. He makes the impossible seem possible. Dub and I wanted to share his soundtrack with those that were unfamiliar. Let’s welcome back the lyricists to Hip- Hop.” – DJ FURIOUS STYLES

Furious Styles & DJ Dub Presents: Jay Electronica – Victory (Mixtape)

(Note: this version is split into mp3s, if you want to preview, stream as one big file here).

Thank You Nah Right  I can stay sane for one more day now..


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