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FOH: Shane is a Molester Now?

The recent accusations made about Shane Sparks of, So You Think You Can Dance has the media buzzing.

A past lover of Sparks, claims to have been a minor during their fling. Sources are saying their “relationship” lasted for almost four yrs, and at the time the victim was 15.

Like Spark’s, attorney I find it to be an opportunistic attempt on the part of the victims part. As soon as this black man has his accomplishments recognized, they are threatened with the shadow of a disgusting accusation.

Sparks shot to fame as a choreographer on the 2004 movie You Got Served before joining SYTYCD.

His work on the Fox reality hit garnered him an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Choreography, after which he was tapped to be a judge on MTV’s dance-themed competition, America’s Best Dance Crew, which just wrapped its fourth season.

I am in support of Shane and hope that he is able to prove his innocence and have justice prevail.

If he is unable to prove his case he will be fingerprinted and a DNA sample will be put on file in the national database of sexual offenders. I don’t want that for the Emmy nominated Choreographer.

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