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Dear Trayvon by D.L. Hughley

Dear Trayvon, I have been captivated by your story ever since I first caught wind of it in February. Like your parents, and countless other Americans, I want justice for you and the life that you will never get to live. I am saddened by the recent attacks on your character from various anonymou... Read more...

Panel Discussion: Stand Your Ground Or Standing Around? – What We Can Do [LIVE STREAM]

The Color Curve and Mic Check 1-Two! Present a Special Panel to the Philadelphia Community Standing Your Ground OR Standing Around?: The Trayvon Martin Murder & What We Can Do About Violence, Injustice and Race Relations in America What is the Trayvon Martin Murder Story? YOU MUST R... Read more...

#NoMoreMarching: 911 Caller Arrested After Police Murder 19 Yr Old Kendrec McDade

This MUST stop...  #NoMoreMarching Oscar Carrillo's 911 call was clear: Two young men just robbed him of his computer and backpack. At least one of them had a gun and it was pointed in Carrillo's face. Moments later, police caught up with two teens they believed were the thieves in a Pas... Read more...