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Khemit And The Myth Of Atlantis

This was an interesting read...draw your own conclusions. The topic of the myth of Atlantis has been the focus of varied books and inquiries ever since Plato brought the concept to the Western world in two of his Dialogues, The Timaeus and The Critias, written in the fourth cen... Read more...

F*ck Outta Here: Pope Calls Priest Sex Abuse Charges “A Shock”

Word?!?! Man... I haven't done one of these in a minute. *Brushes dust off*  Pope Benedict XVI, f*ck outta here. So you expect us to believe that you DIDNT know that the priest are f*cking little boys faster than I-80 going north? Word?!?! OK, so lets give you the benefit of the doubt becaus... Read more...