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#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S2, E7 #FashionShow @Curran_J @HardwearFashion @MISSKiaDenise @CoutureNichols
Comments Off on #PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds) S2, E7 #FashionShow @Curran_J @HardwearFashion @MISSKiaDenise @CoutureNichols, 25/04/2012, by in .mp3, #PodcastWednesdays, Audio, Exclusive, Podcast

You've been waiting for this moment since... about this time last week. Welcome back again to #PodcastWednesdays. This week we have #TheFashionShow with our guests Corrie Ellis (@HardwearFashion) - Head designer & Founder of Hardwear Fashion Inc, Curran J Swint (@Curran_J) - Founder/Creator ... Read more...

IToldYouSo: How Law Enforcement (The Alphabet Boys) Get Your Information From Social Media

This month, we were reminded how important it is that social media companies do what they can to protect the sensitive data they hold from the prying eyes of the government. As many news outlets have reported, the US Department of Justice recently obtained a court order for records from Twitter ... Read more...