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#PodcastWednesdays Presents: #LadiesFirst – S0, Ep 4 #CityOfQueens w/@SparkleGirlA @DpJeter @SparkleBySonjiB

#PodcastWednesdays Presents: #LadiesFirst - S0, Ep #CityOfQueens w/@SparkleGirlA @SparkleBySonjiB @DpJeter - I AM NOT A RAPPER Our guests today include: Asia Sparks (Rap Artist), Sparkle Brooks (Mom-ager of Asia Sparks, Business Owner, Celebrity Wife), Danielle Jeter (Event  Planner/Entrep... Read more...

The Power of the  Positive Phone Call Home
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By: Elena Aguilar When I first started teaching and was overwhelmed by the demands and complexity of the job, my survival strategy was simply to take all the advice that came my way and implement it. So when my wise mentor suggested that after the first day of school I call all of my second grader... Read more...