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I Am Not A Rapper Presents: ___ Podcast – Season 1,Episode 6 #TheWonderYearPodcast (2011 Finale)

**BREAKING NEWS!!!**... Another Wednesday, Another Podcast, GET YOUR HEADPHONES, LOCK YOUR DOORS!! We had the unusual suspects again (which might actually turn out to be the name of this podcast in 2012...stay tuned): Spit x Kevin Golden x DJ Nastee Naj  x Mr. Blair  x Queen MKS Spo... Read more...

The Nile Decoded – Revealing the Secret Message of the World’s Longest River

What lies at the core of the ‘Time River Theory’ is more than just a theory, but a factual ‘smoking gun’ capable of utterly decimating what is being passed off as ‘reality’ today. The Time River Theory is undoubtedly an ‘extraordinary claim’.   But it is one that ... Read more...

Sisters: by Eric Blair

                       I have a sister named Erica C. Blair. Erica is one of my earliest childhood memories. We’ve had very complexed adventures as siblings. I didn’t like her when she first was born, but she loved her big brother. She didn’t like me throughout our juven... Read more...