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Black History Presents – Daily knowledge: John Langston Gwaltney (Day 12)

John Langston Gwaltney   John Langston Gwaltney was a writer and anthropologist focused on African American culture, best known for his book Drylongso: A Self Portrait of Black America. He was a professor of anthropology at the University of Syracuse in New York. Drylongso is a collection of... Read more...

#IAmNotARapper Presents: #TheNine Interview Series w/Minister of Information JR POCC (@BlockReportRadi)

Introduction: So, as promised we have more new segments to come from I Am Not A Rapper and, unlike the still as yet untitled podcast, this one has a title: #TheNine: Words & Numbers Have Power.  #TheNine is an interview series where we will ask 9 questions of whomever we are speaking with. With... Read more...

Beyond The Flash Mobs

It is hard to watch the news without being confronted with images and stories that disparage young black people again and again. From Philadelphia to Chicago to England, elected leaders and the media represent black youth as being engaged in uncontrollable behavior that necessitate legal interve... Read more...