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PennDOT City of Philadelphia MUST Build Pedestrian Bridges on Roosevelt Boulevard

PennDOT and City of Philadelphia : Build Pedestrian Bridges on Roosevelt Boulevard

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According to PennDOT, over the past five years there were 2,715 crashes and 43 fatalities on the Boulevard. 147 of those crashes involved pedestrians. Roughly 100,000 drivers and thousands of pedestrians, SEPTA riders and bicyclists use the Boulevard every day. (Muse, Queen) There are on average 10 fatalities a year.

In 2001 State Farm insurance study ranked two Roosevelt Boulevard cross streets as the second and third most deadly intersections in the country. I don’t know exactly what they rank today, as the insurance agency no longer tracks that information.

While 10 fatalities may be acceptable to the city, it is not acceptable to us. We need tell the city that our life’s matter and that they need to create a more permanent solution to keep all pedestrians safe.

Let’s together ask PennDOT and City of Philadelphia to Build Pedestrian Bridges on Roosevelt Boulevard to save life’s and prevent any future fatalities.

Please sign the petition.
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