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Sela (@SelaHipHop) – Spice Feat Curly Castro (@CurlyCastro) [Music Video]

Sela (@SelaHipHop) – Spice Feat Curly Castro (@CurlyCastro) [Music Video]

Sela is excited to announce the release of our single, Spice feat. Curly Castro! Spice stands as the first single off of our upcoming, 10,000 Hours EP which will be available this fall. Curly Castro is a new Man Bites Dog Records signee and a long time friend and collaborator with the Sela collective. Curly Castro brings high intensity to every production. It was our pleasure to work with him again. Sela Collective members David Little and Mike King both masterfully emcee over this Margel theSophant production.

Spice was originally written for the Sela video series Raw Diamonds with a proposed theme of education. Upon hearing the track, Curly Castro recommended a revolution theme inspired by the 1984 cult classic film, Dune. The idea sparked the minds of all involved to deliver this edgy, seamless blend of sci-fi and hip hop.

Spice Song/Video Credits
David Little; Emcee/Video Co-Director
Curly Castro; Emcee
Mike King; Emcee
Margel theSophant; Producer

Micah Forsyth (Naysayers Studios); Engineer

Dave Hall; Videographer


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