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Spread The Word for Rally to Free Mumia Abu Jamal April 24 in Philly

Spread The Word for Rally to Free Mumia Abu Jamal April 24 in Philly


April 24th marks the 59th birthday for internationally acclaimed journalist and political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal who has spent 30 years on death row for a crime he didn’t commit. Last year his death sentence was commuted to life in prison, but we are clear, life in prison is not justice. Mumia is innocent. We want his immediate release.

We’d love your support in posting about the event in social media, live tweeting during the rally, sharing the news with your email lists, or any other way you can get the message out. Below is how you can help:

Sharing the information by email.  Send the flyer to your email lists on the days leading up to the event to let them know how they can participate.

Announcing the broadcast on Twitter and Facebook:  We’ve included some sample posts to use on social media. Feel free to adjust the wording, but please be sure to include the following elements:  @MumiaAbuJamal   (Twitter) or tag for Mumia Abu Jamal (Facebook) Tag for All Out for Mumia (Facebook)  #FreeMumia  #A24

Link to Mumia’s website

Link to the event page (Facebook)

Tweets: @MumiaAbuJamal is INNOCENT. Life in prison is not justice! Come to Philly #A24 to #FreeMumia

April 24th is @MumiaAbuJamal 59th birthday! Lets give him the gift of JUSTICE! Come to Philly #A24 to #FreeMumia

Facebook post with attached images:

Life in prison is not justice for an innocent man. Mumia Abu Jamal deserves justice! Free Mumia, April 24th at Philadelphia City Hall!

April 24th is Mumia Abu Jamal’s 59th birthday, but also the anniversary of the Effective Death Penalty Act, the law that killed Troy Davis. Lets end this injustice system.

Live tweeting during the rally:

To maximize the conversation about Mumia’s innocence, we’ll be live-tweeting during the event.

Here’s how to participate:

Follow @MumiaAbuJamal & @LDRmovie

Include this hashtag at the end of your tweets #FreeMumia

Post to Twitter: Your opinions on Mumia’s case, the death penalty, mass incarceration, the school to prison pipeline, the war on drugs etc., RT from @MumiaAbuJamal

Attend the rally April 24 at Philadelphia’s City Hall from 2-6pm

Join the Free Mumia Now campaign on A24 from 7-9pm at the Church of the Advocate

Sharing on Instagram:

Add the “Mumia Innocent” photo

Add the hashtags #FreeMumia #Philly #April24


–        Announce your participation prior to the event – i.e. “We’re live tweeting during the @MumiaAbuJamal rally at Philly City Hall – April 24 from 2-6pm. Use the hashtag #FreeMumia to join in!”

–       Can’t attend? Pre-schedule two or three tweets sharing your thoughts about Mumia for April 24th between 2-6pm. Don’t forget to use #FreeMumia!

–       Don’t have time to come up with new content? Repurpose old tweets about the film, or retweet us from @MumiaAbuJamal

Thank you for your support,

Team Free Mumia


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