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NCAA March Madness Brings Vast Graduation Gaps

NCAA March Madness Brings Vast Graduation Gaps
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US Education Secretary Arne Duncan did not dribble around the question when I asked him if collegiate basketball programs with longterm, gross racial disparities in graduation rates should be banned from March Madness. “Where you have insidious gaps, and where there isn’t movement, I think there have to be consequences,” Duncan said in a conference call on athletic reform last week.


In a follow-up interview the next day, Duncan added, “If a team can show it’s improving, that’s one thing. But if a team is in the same spot for 10 years, if your dropout rate is such that your graduation rate year after year is 30 [percent], 30, 30, 30, that shows you’re less serious.”


Duncan’s thoughts, should he continue to voice them, could help move the National Collegiate Athletic Association to take its next major step to end the exploitation of African-American athletes. The NCAA took one meaningful step this year by banning 2011 national champion Connecticut from this year’s tournament because of low longterm graduation rates. They were 11 percent for the entire team last year.


For the third straight year in the 68-team field, 21 teams had black graduation rates below 50 percent. They include Indiana, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Arizona, and the ostensible “public Ivy” California, along with small-school darlings Butler and LaSalle. Florida was at the bottom of the barrel at zero.


The NCAA is thus far unmoved by the fact that nearly a third of the field is plagued by such poor performance, which is all the more noteworthy because most of those same 21 schools had a 100 percent graduation rate for their white players. A year and a half ago, I asked NCAA President Mark Emmert if there should be further consequences for programs in the tournament that harbor such racial gaps.


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List of 2013 NCAA Tournament Schools with 

100% Graduation Rates for Black Male Basketball Athletes:

Belmont University

Bucknell University 

Duke University 

Florida Gulf Coast University

Gonzaga University

Harvard University 

Saint Mary’s University

University of Illinois – Champaign

University of Kansas

University of Notre Dame

University of the Pacific

Valparaiso University

Villanova Univeersity

Western Kentucky University

Witchita State University 


List of 2013 NCAA Tournament Schools with 

Worst Black Male Graduation Rates for Basketball Athletes:

University of Florida – 0%

South Dakota State University – 0%

University of Wisconsin – 14%

Iowa State University – 14%

New Mexico State University – 25%

Southern University – 27%

University of California – Berkley – 33%

Butler University – 33%

North Carolina A&T State University – 33%

Temple University – 36% 

The Ohio State University – 38%

University of Arizona – 38% 

Saint Louis University – 40%

Oklahoma State University – 40%

Liberty University – 40%
Colorado State University – 40%

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