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Sonya (@SonyaTeclai) – Kick My Game x Dectached

Sonya (@SonyaTeclai) – Kick My Game x Dectached


Sonya is preparing her first solo project titled “Veridical Paradox”, which is due to be released sometime next month. In the meantime, she’s dropping her debut single “Detached” (Produced by theAmazNs & Matt Cody), as well as an interlude called “Kick My Game” (Produced by theAmazNs). In “Detached” she sings about the darker side of loneliness and the need to fill a void while dealing with her lows. This r&b inspired track has a 90’s vibe with a modern eclectic twist. On the contrary, she serves us with an interlude where she melodically raps to a man. Both songs display the versatility in her talents as a singer/rapper/and songwriter while showing her audience that you may not know what to expect from her project.


A “veridical paradox” is a statement that appears self-contradictory but actually has a basis in truth. That’s exactly how I would describe myself and my music. Most people never expect me to rap, speak, or write the way I do…let alone maintain depth. I wanted to be brutally honest, vulnerable, maintain depth, and be bold all at the same time. “Veridical Paradox” has something for everyone. There’s grit, love, heartache, injustices, fun, etc. Most importantly, a lot of truth. I’m also not a fan of monotony and I thrive off of anything spontaneous/surprising. You can hear that in my music. Sonically, every track has different arrangements. No two songs sound alike, yet they’re cohesive. I hope it reaches a lot of ears.

“Veridical Paradox” TBA, until then enjoy “Detached” and “Kick My Game”


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