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Apple (@Apple) iOS 7 – EXCLUSIVE Developer Preview [VIDEO]

Apple (@Apple) iOS 7 – EXCLUSIVE Developer Preview [VIDEO]

Federico Bianco has created an awesome video outlining what Apple iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, & may look like reports Mashable.

A slew of new features are here. Our favorite so far is the customizable lock screen. Apple’s user interfaces will likely face new scrutiny now that Facebook has laid out a new vision for how phone users interact with their devices with Facebook Home.


One of the more interesting pieces that Bianco shows is a ‘widget’ mode for apps that allows users to see quick information or change app settings straight from the home screen, as well as a quickly accessible settings screen that can slide out from the side to quickly adjust settings.

Turning Bluetooth on and off, for example, takes four distinct steps and the process could be much improved with a quickly accessible preferences screen.


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