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Chill Moody (@ChillMoody) – One Shot Feat Beano (@JustBeano) [Music Video]

Chill Moody (@ChillMoody) – One Shot Feat Beano (@JustBeano) [Music Video]

Chill Moody drops off his new video for the latest single from #RFM “One Shot” featuring fellow Talent Island (@TalentIsland #TalentIsland) member Beano. The song follows a story that most men can relate to, the one that got away.

On a a side note: One thing I notice about Chill that is different from a many other local artists is that his youtube views as of late have skyrocketed. Some people draw a correlation between youtube views and the level of interest an artist has which wouldn’t explain Chill’s popularity. Chill has had the Philadelphia underground hip-hop scene on lock for some time now but his video views never matched his level of interest which broke that theory. Hopefully now those people who judge an artist by the numbers under the video will take notice of his talent as opposed to how many views/followers/or likes an artist can purchase… Just my thoughts

Chill Moody (@ChillMoody) – One Shot [Music Video]


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