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Kevin Carr (@Kev_Carr) – #DateResponsibly [E-Book]

Kevin Carr (@Kev_Carr) – #DateResponsibly [E-Book]

Kevin Carr

Kevin Carr

You may remember him from Sincerely, Love – our relationship guide, Kevin Carr – has released an eBook (only $4.99!!) which is the first of 4 and is designed to serve as the foundation for the groundwork that must be laid so you can achieve greater results when it comes to your relationships and dating experiences.

He has a note he asked to be shared with you:

I humbly present to you my latest work, Date Responsibly. I have a sincere desire to see you consistently happy. It is out of such a desire that this work was birthed. This book is designed to assist you in making better choices in terms of the men that you date and ultimately attach yourself to, by offering transparent and practical advice from a man’s perspective. Inside you will find helpful tips on: How to discover your ideals and date accordingly. How to find clarity in your relationship. How to set and maintain standards. And Much More! Fulfillment is a process and this book focuses on its beginning.

May God continue to be your eternal source of strength, hope, love, and ability.

Love Always,


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“His habits will give you a clear picture of his character, and with this picture, you become equipped to make responsible dating choices.”
———- from Dating Responsibly

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“Many times it takes a woman to live in such a way that through her lifestyle she teaches the lessons that a man ought to learn.”
———- from Dating Responsibly
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Kevin Carr

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