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Cerebellum H2O (@CerebellumH2O) Presents: The #CerebellumChallenge Contest Rules

Cerebellum H2O (@CerebellumH2O) Presents: The #CerebellumChallenge Contest Rules




Cerebellum H2O 28 Day Challenge!

Start Your New Year Off Right. Get Healthy. Drink Cerebellum H2O




Drink Water Re-Hydrate Your Mind, Revive Your Body.


How to Enter: To enter you must create a “pic stitch” (or some other form of split picture) with half of it being a picture of you (any picture will do) & the other half being a “tweetgram” (or another word-to-picture app) with the following phrase:

“I will ONLY drink Cerebellum H2O for 28 days straight. I WILL start my new year off healthy. I’m Up To The #CerebellumChallenge , Are You?”


(When you post it to instagram/twitter, use @CerebellumWater/@CerebellumH2O

@King_Spit #CerebellumChallenge #Cerebellum28

Also, like us on Facebook

Document your progress daily through social media

The Challenge begins February 1st, 2013

3 Females & 3 Males will be selected to participate.

The winners (as in those who make it the full 28 days) will receive American Express gift cards & more…

Email: with questions






Cerebellum is also the official water sponsor for the 2013 Youth Build Philly Martin Luther King Day Of Service & Showcase – January 21st, 2013


Martin Luther King Jr


Henry David Thoreau was ahead of his time when he stated:

“Water (H2O) is the only drink for a wise man.”

The importance of water and oxygen to the brain cannot be overstated. The brain is more dependent upon water than the rest of the body; brain tissue is approximately 85% water. Therefore, de-hydration can adversely affects the efficiency of the brain and causes the level of energy generated in the brain to decrease.  The cerebellum is a very important part of the brain. It controls balance, movement, and coordination. Because of our cerebellum, we can stand upright, keep our balance, and move around. The cerebellum will be adversely affected when the brain is water deficient.

Water is vital to the overall function of the human body. Water acts like a thermostat and regulates body temperature and prevents dehydration, which among other things can weaken our strength and energy.  Additionally, water transports and dissolves nutrients to make them available to the body, and it cleanses the body by removing wastes and toxins.

All of the functions of your body are regulated by oxygen. The ability to think, feel, move, eat, sleep, and even talk all depends on the energy that oxygen generates. The brain needs oxygen to process information, and the body uses it to metabolize food and to eliminate toxins and waste through oxidation.  A lack of oxygen can result in sickness, poor vitality, poor stamina, fatigue, and a generally weak disposition.  The quality of the water we drink has an important impact on our health which is why Cerebellum® H2O™ Waters are the perfect choice of beverages to include in your daily health regimen.

Cerebellum® H2O Good For The Body ~ Good For The  Brain™

Drink Cerebellum®. Stay Hydrated.








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