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NFL’s New Phenom: Andrew Luck (@TeamAndrewLuck) (By: @BWMahoney213)

NFL’s New Phenom: Andrew Luck (@TeamAndrewLuck) (By: @BWMahoney213)
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Andrew Luck

In December of 2011, the Indianapolis Colts were sinking to rock-bottom.


Now, December of 2012, they’ve resurfaced with an 8-4 record after shocking the Detroit Lions in jaw-dropping fashion with a 2 minute, 39 second comeback.


More importantly, a new leader has emerged for the Colts.


The number one overall 2012 NFL draft pick, QB Andrew Luck of Stanford University, had to carry a lot of weight on his shoulders to replace the modern legend of Super Bowl-winning QB Peyton Manning.


Manning dominated (and still dominates) the mainstream world with his “Aw, shucks” demeanor in terms of being an NFL poster-boy for success as an Indianapolis Colt, shattering passing records left and right while competing with his friendly nemesis in New England, QB Tom Brady. As the 36-year-old Manning left Indianapolis with health issues, the Colts started anew and drafted the much revered Luck.

 Andrew Luck2

Out of all the scenarios, the Colts and Luck seemed meant to be if anything else. Luck has been groomed with the remainder of Manning’s offensive weapons like wide receiver Reggie Wayne while also coming in with his own weapon—tight end Coby Fleener from Stanford University. Fleener was drafted a round after Luck.


From Sunday’s matchup, the Colts struggled to keep up with the Lions’ high-powered offense where Calvin Johnson outperformed the Colts’ secondary. The time trickled down to late in the fourth quarter with Detroit led Indianapolis 33-21. Luck threw a costly interception to Lions’ safety Don Carey with 6:40 to go and it seemed all but over.


Until Luck bombed a deep pass to LaVon Brazill with 2:39 to go. Luck pumped his fist in joy while his helmet was dislodged—a moment seemingly screamed for a Nike snapshot.


After stopping RB Mike Leshoure of a first down conversion near the two-minute warning, the Colts received the ball once again down 33-28 with time ticking.


Luck drove down hard like his predecessor Manning. One laser hit Reggie Wayne for 27 yards and Luck wouldn’t relent at a no-huddle offense. Luck brought the Colts within the 12 yard line with only 18 seconds left. After a few misses in the end zone, Luck finally got lucky enough with time expiring to run forward before the line of scrimmage and quick pass it to Donnie Avery who bolted in for the winning score.


Luck ended the game 24-54 for 391 yards, 4 TD, 3 INT.


Colts fans don’t need to moan anymore about the disastrous 2011 because their future is in good hands with Andrew Luck.

Andrew Luck 3



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