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#PodcastWednesdays S3,Ep 12 #CityOfLightsREmix w/@AffairsOfIsis @SincerelyReeta @AmiGoLightly @DJ_G33k

#PodcastWednesdays S3,Ep 12 #CityOfLightsREmix w/@AffairsOfIsis @SincerelyReeta @AmiGoLightly @DJ_G33k

Wasup yall? Whats it gonna be? Now whose on the line with the homies PC….W? …Do ya’ll remember Al B Sylk from 103.9 back in the day? Good, neither does #PodcastWednesdays

Aaaanywho, so Danielle Jeter, friend to the show (No Wendy), commissioned us to broadcast live from her company Affairs Of Isis Events’ launch event at The Philadelphia Magic Gardens. We had so much fun, & so many people commented on it, we decided to run it back for those who may have missed it.



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Topics Discussed: Speaking spanish makes you Spanish  |  Penn is better than Temple  |  PCW matchmakers  |  Syreeta is married to #PodcastWednesdays  |  New merchandise  |


This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. Margel TheSophant – Busy Feat Zilla Rocca & David Little

2. Dope Dizzle – Dizzy Rascals

3. The Game – Hallelujah

4. Freeway – Early







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