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@HHDExperience Presents: A Day in the Life with Too $hort (@TooShort) [Video]

@HHDExperience Presents: A Day in the Life with Too $hort (@TooShort) [Video]

Legendary rap veteran Too $hort is responsible for penning some of our generation’s most memorable and defining songs. His smash, “Blow The Whistle,” is just one of many Billboard Chart-topping hits featured on The Hip Hop Dance Experience video game. In this video, Too $hort reveals incredibly private moments in his 30+ year career that have never been shared with the public. One of the stories he shares is the creative process behind his unexpected number one hit, “Blow The Whistle.”

As one of the early pioneers of explicit rap, Too $hort discloses his venture into the risqué genre despite repeated warnings from record industry executives. He explains, “They said that nobody would buy it, the record stores wouldn’t carry it, and ‘you just can’t do it.’ So I probably made three albums with no cursing until I finally said, ‘I’m doin’ it anyway.'” The rap veteran also discloses what happened when his mother discovered his explicit rap books in high school and put “the curse” on him. He reveals how shocked he was to discover that his signature song, “Blow The Whistle” came 20 years into his career at the age of 40. After some gentle nudging by two female dancers demonstrating the game, the industry legend joins in on the fun and plays with them. The Hip Hop Dance Experience will be available at the MSRP of $39.99 for both the Kinect for Xbox 360® and the Wii system from Nintendo on November 13th.


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