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DJ PHSH (@DJPHSH) – Inside The PHSH TANK w/@Nosego [VIDEO]

DJ PHSH (@DJPHSH) – Inside The PHSH TANK w/@Nosego  [VIDEO]

PHSH Tank from Derrick Woodyard on Vimeo.


Dj PHSH holds an event once a month along with his partners called THE PHSH TANK. The PHSH TANK is a social party mixing the elements of artistic awareness. Philadelphia used to be very rich within the visually art-based culture. Unfortunately, overtime this lively culture has diminished and we can only see small remnants of some of the things that used to make Philadelphia great.
The PHSH TANK’s goal is to give the the visually artistic connoisseurs the floor. The TANK features some of the best underground, and loosely commercial music of today. The moment that one steps inside of the TANK they will immediately see the large projected works of some featured artist of the night from this time on walls. It gives everyone a comforting and euphoric feel. They get to admire the artwork, as well as vibe to the great mixes of Dj PHSH himself. Dj PHSH has proven himself to be more than just a Dj, but also a bridge for the gap between art and music. He’s showing the culture how to fill the void.

PHSH Tank Art exhibition & dance party @PHSHtank

Collaborators: Place Your Art Here & Sedso Design

Artist: Yis “Nosego” Goodwin


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