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#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds): #LadiesFirst S0, Ep2 – #MsUnderstood w/@SincerelyReeta @JessJess_85 @DJ_G33K

#PodcastWednesdays (@PodcastWeds): #LadiesFirst S0, Ep2 – #MsUnderstood w/@SincerelyReeta @JessJess_85 @DJ_G33K

Welcome to #LadiesFirst hosted by Melissa K Simmons (@MelissaKSimmons) Ladies listen up, fellas tune in and when you’re done leave us a comment or two with your feedback.

Our guests today include: Journalist – Syreeta Martin (@SincerelyReeta), Jewelry Designer – Jessica Massaquoi (@JessJess_85),  DJ –  Zuri Stone (@DJ_G33K)

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Topics Discussed: DJ G33k “I’m everywhere you want me to be”  |  How It All Began  |  Strong Positive Black Women  |  Wiz Khalifa is a Heaux Cuffer  |  When One Door Closes…  |  Relaxation = Doing Things In Your Panties  |  Twitter wont get you a good man  |  VMAs Vs DNC Convention  |  Every Man Wants A Michelle, But Are You A Barack?  |  Dealing With Life Issues  |

This weeks musical interludes provided by:

1. GoGo Morrow – HD

2. Suzann Christine – Selfish Boy Feat Lee Mazin

3. Bianca Raquel – F*ck It Song


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