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@DJQlassick x @IAmNotARapper58 Present: #ClassicFriday Vol 31 #QlassickComeback

@DJQlassick x @IAmNotARapper58 Present: #ClassicFriday Vol 31 #QlassickComeback

@DJQlassick x @IAmNotARapper58 Present: #ClassicFriday Vol 31 #QlassickComeback – I AM NOT A RAPPER


It’s been FAR too long, but we had to bring it back…#ClassicFridays have returned!!! To start it off we have a #ClassicFriday dedicated to the “come back”…whether it be beef, back to the game, back to a crew, or back to the beginning, it’s all covered HERE. As always #shoutOut Spit (@IAmNotARapper58) and…follow me @DJQlassick on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM and check out the site…


DOWNLOAD/STREAM HERE: –> DJQlassick x IAmNotARapper Present: #ClassicFriday Vol 31 #QlassickComeback


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