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Jay Smooth (@jsmooth995) – The GOP’s Rick Ross Convention [Video] + More

Jay Smooth (@jsmooth995) – The GOP’s Rick Ross Convention [Video] + More

How the Maybach Music boss laid out the blueprint for the Romney campaign.

Cousin Jay is at it again and on point as us-u-al. Some of my favorites of his recent videos below…

What we can learn about Mitt Romney, from his week of wacky adventures with black people.

Why Frank Ocean “coming out” without using any one label might have a power all its own. (See also dream hampton and Nitsuh Abebe).

What we all can learn from NBC’s achievements in the field of mediocrity.


On the Nas/ghostwriting controversy, and why we need to rethink the rules on hip-hop & creativity.

Also see these other takes on it:



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