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Hurrikane (@HHDExperience) -The History Of Hip-Hop Dance [Video]

Hurrikane (@HHDExperience) -The History Of Hip-Hop Dance [Video]

With the recent explosion of Hip Hop dance competitions, TV shows, and movies, it’s no surprise to see a growing interest in the world of Hip Hop dance on the ground level. But how does one get down? First, you’ve gotta learn the basics.

In under two minutes, Haitian-born New Yorker and Hip Hop dance break-out star Hurrikane, (who’s won numerous dance competitions and been featured popping and locking in TV commercials and movies) seamlessly takes us through four decades of dance, from the Skeeter, Roger Rabbit to the Reebok, The Harlem Shake to the Dougie, and more.

Hurrikane’s comprehensive b-boy dance tutorial is released in celebration of the first authentic Hip Hop video game in the dance category, “The Hip Hop Dance Experience” by gaming company Ubisoft. “The Hip Hop Dance Experience” is the newest development in Ubisoft’s “Experience” dance game franchise, which also includes “The Black Eyed Peas Experience” and “The Michael Jackson Experience.” Paying special attention to the avatars’ wardrobes, the dance moves, and the soundtrack, Ubisoft consulted with experts in each field to create the most realistic and authentic Hip Hop dance game to date. The game’s soundtrack boasts the biggest Hip Hop hits from the past 30 years. The game’s choreographers include Laurieann Gibson, who is Nicki Minaj’s creative director, Dave Scott from So You Think You Can Dance and Battle of the Year, and Kid David from Step Up 3D. “The Hip Hop Dance Experience” will be available worldwide for Kinect for Xbox 360 and Wii for Nintendo on November 13th.


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