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Golden Child (@StrongWillMusic) – Just Like Yesterday

Golden Child (@StrongWillMusic) – Just Like Yesterday
Seeing an imperative to expand its artist base, record label Strong Will Music see in Golden Child far-reaching potentials that have been hidden for too long. Just Like Yesterday will be the first of three subsequent releases and leaves much to except for what is to come.
Influenced by various hip hop styles and sounds of the late 90’s, Golden Child and Pancho, from Lund, Sweden, have managed to create a familiar yet unique sound, resonating gritty hip hop nostalgia.
Golden Child’s debut, Just Like Yesterday, is the result of a creative process where some of South-Sweden’s most versatile rappers have teamed up to create a distinctive blend.
Pancho, is the executive producer of the project, while local legends like Lovemark and underground stars like Nomad, together with the exceptional rapper and producer Nebukhednezzar as well as Rubix Funxion, Monstah Moses, Hussein Khan, ALI, and Dani Diaz all have participated in making this anticipated release a heavy-hitting achievement. 
You can now download the title track “Just Like Yesterday”. Find out more about this and upcoming releases on
01. Just Like Yesterday
02. Resource Curse ft. A.L.I & Monstah Moses
03. The Week End ft. Lovemark
04. Rugged Tune ft. Nebukhednezzar & Lovemark
05. Put it In perspective ft.Nomad


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