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[EVENT] @AlwaysAbstract x @RUVilla Presents: #Newtrition4

[EVENT] @AlwaysAbstract x @RUVilla Presents: #Newtrition4

The Abstract Thought NEWtrition concert started as a platform to provide
local recording artists an opportunity to showcase their talent to an
unfamiliar audiences. The structure of the NEWtrition concert series allows
for us to provide listeners with a dynamic show that will leave all
participating parties satisfied. The concert initially took on the *
backpack/street * rappers along with the *conscious/spoken-word *rappers.
For those with a softer or more gentle ear, so to speak, we paired them
with R&B and Neo-Soul artists. Since the origin of the NEWtrition series we
(Abstract Thought) have decided expansion is needed. Our beloved city has
more talent to showcase; hence the DJ & Producer segments. By allowing
producers and DJ’s an opportunity to showcase their body of work we have
now bridged the gap or at least provided opportunity for aspiring artists,
djs, and producers to grow as one. We have also been able to acquire the
sponsorship of the largest urban retailer in our region, Sneaker Villa.
Music, Fashion, Authenticity/… NEWtrition !!!

August 5th – The Blockley (3801 Chestnut)

Artists: Mont Brown | Al1Thing | Dana Black | Writtenhouse | Bamboo |
Ryshon Jones | Ace Porter

Producers: Pace-O Beats | Joe Logic | Spacehigh Reez | Brandon Lee

DJs: DjAYEboogie | DJ Mike Lowrey | DJ Qlassick

Doors open at 7pm

Abstract Thought
@AlwaysAbstract <>;
“Always Think Abstract”


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