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@EvanPolk Presents: EVAN! (@EvanPolkShow) S1, E5 – Look And Listen [Video]

@EvanPolk Presents: EVAN! (@EvanPolkShow) S1, E5 – Look And Listen [Video]

You know how sitcoms and tv dramas take a mid-season hiatus and come back with all new episodes? Yea, that’s NOT what happened. But we have brand new episodes. Check out episode 5:


@EvanPolk as Evan
@JacquiSuper as Tiff
@MojoGreen1217 as Allen
@ReggConquest as Reggie
Evan is a comedic web-series that follows Evan, his two best friends, Allen & Reggie, and his girlfriend, Tiff in Philadelphia. They have navigating the mean streets of Philly under control – it’s smoothly making it through their 20s that’s the challenge. VIEW PAST EPISODES ON EVANPOLK.COM


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