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Frenchie (@JustFrenchie) – My World, My Music [EP]

Frenchie (@JustFrenchie) – My World, My Music [EP]

It pays to be in charge of what your mind conceives. Everything I say and do is a product of me and no one else. Having full control is important if not then go ahead and let someone dictate your every move. Within this world I have created my own safe place where all of my thoughts fly free. When this earth deceives me I go to my safe place and speak my mind. Now I finally have enough courage to share my safe place with the rest of the the outside world. You never know who your thoughts can help. My problems can be someones else’s solutions. My happiness ad encourage you happiness. You’ll honestly never know until you let it out  and truly speak your mind. So here it is “My World My Music.”

Frenchie – My World, My Music [EP]

Born January 8, 1990 and raised in the Wynnfield area of West Philadelphia. Having two talented parents would only determine her future in the entertainment industry. Soon after she found her love for music came her love for dance. One day Frenchie and her cousins stumbled upon an old Michael Jackson VH tape with some of his videos on it. After seeing that, Frenchie took off. This talented singer, rapper, song writer and dancer has performed all over the country with her dance team and as a solo artist.
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