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Across The U.S., Children of Progressive Activists Are Under Attack

Across The U.S., Children of Progressive Activists Are Under Attack
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I should know – it reminds me of what I went through as a little boy, when my mother and father, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, were arrested, then executed when I was six. Will you stand with today’s children who are suffering because of their parents work for social justice?

Right now, activists are being targeted because they’re struggling to wage peace; preserve civil liberties; organize on behalf of prisoners, workers and immigrants; combat racism, sexism, poverty and homophobia; and safeguard animals and the environment — and their kids are hurting, too.

The Rosenberg Fund for Children, the organization I founded in my parents’ honor, helps meet the educational and emotional needs of these vulnerable kids whose parents have been targeted for their work to make the world a better place for us all.

Stand with them! Add your name to our community of support to show the children described below, and others like them, that they are not alone.


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